DAR Good Citizens

The DAR Good Citizens program is a wonderful way to recognize outstanding young people who exhibit the qualities of good citizenship in their homes, schools, and communities. Chapters should contact local high schools as soon as possible and encourage their participation.

The DAR Good Citizens program and Scholarship Contest is intended to encourage and reward the qualities of good citizenship. The program is open to all high school seniors enrolled in public or private schools accredited by their state board of education. United States citizenship is not required.

The student selected as the school’s DAR Good Citizen must have the following qualities:

  • Dependability (truthfulness, honesty, punctuality, etc.)
  • Service (cooperation, helpfulness, responsibility, etc.)
  • Leadership (personality, self-control, initiative, etc.)
  • Patriotism (unselfish loyalty to American ideals)

What to expect...

The DAR Good Citizens scholarship contest is hosted in person with the essay question given to the student right before the allotted two-hour time limit. The essay consists of two weighted parts:

Part I (Personal) (70%) consists of the student describing how he/she has tried to manifest the qualities of a good citizen. This part may be completed at home by the student and is to be submitted together with a copy of a grade transcript and two letters of recommendation. The two letters of recommendation will be from a close adult associate (other than family) such as a minister, an employer, a scout or 4-H leader, a teacher, coach, music instructor, guidance counselor, etc.

Part II (Essay) (30%) is to be administered under the supervision of a faculty or DAR member. The student must complete the essay at one sitting, within a two-hour time limit, and without assistance of reference materials. Students may type their essay using a computer and use spell check or a dictionary. 


Each chapter supports a local high school or high schools and can select one Good Citizen from each school that is supported. The chapter awards these students and then forwards the Good Citizen(s) to the state, of which one Good Citizen is chosen. The National Society will also recognize two Good Citizens, one male and one female chosen from the state nominees every year.

How to participate

The contest is held in the beginning of the school year in the fall. Contact your local DAR chapter for the most current information about the next contest. RIDAR Chapters.