American Heritage

2017-2018 Theme: “Exploring America Through the Arts”

The American Heritage Committee was established to preserve our rich American heritage in the fields of art and sculpture, crafts, drama and literature, fiber arts, and music. Members are invited to participate in the various contests conducted by this committee.

General Contest Information

All entries must be completed by a member of the NSDAR, while a member of the NSDAR. No one can submit another person's work or sign a contest entry form on behalf of another Daughter. Posthumous entries are not eligible, even if the deceased member was a part of a group entry.  

A contest entry form must be submitted with each entry. Please remember to send a copy of your entry form to your state chairman.

Group entries must be the original work created by current members of the DAR.  A group is constituted as 2 or more living, current members from a chapter, one’s state, or a family who created the entry while active members of the DAR. The entry must incorporate the theme for the 2017 - 2018 contest: "Exploring America Through the Arts.” Every member of the group is to be involved in the creative design work, overall planning, and actual assembly of the entry. On a separate sheet of paper list each member of the group, have each sign their name after their printed name, note their national number and contact information. Also, have each group member state how she creatively contributed to the entry. Donating material or purchasing paint does not qualify as “creative contribution.” 

Please read all the competitive contest areas to decide where your entry would best be suited.  If in doubt, reach out to the state chair (contact info can be found on the member's site).


Art and Sculpture

Acrylic, Oil Pastels, Watercolor, Drawing, Multi-media Collage, Color Photography enhanced, Color Photography unenhanced, Black and White Photography, Sculpture, China Painting, Other – Art and Sculpture



Clay pieces, Basketry, Caning, Jewelry, Dolls, Paper crafts, Misc. Craft.


Fiber Arts

Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Knitting, Crochet, Quilts - hand, Quilts – machine, Art Quilt, Wall Hanging: hand quilted, Wall hanging: machine quilted, Weaving, Historic Costume, Other Fiber Arts


Literature and Drama

Poetry (1-15 lines), Poetry (16-30 lines), Fiction Short Story, Non-Fiction Short Story, Drama (monologue, duet, short play)



Vocal, Instrumental - Keyboard, Instrumental - Other